About Me

​ I am an artist, a humanitarian, a traveler, a learner, and above all, a human being.  I have a passion and compassion for people; their stories, their lives, their experiences. A great source of inspiration for me comes from those who dedicate their life to following their heart and beating the odds. Jane Goodall and Jerry Garcia are my standouts, two fascinating individuals who built a community and promote a culture of kindness and coexistence. My admiration for these humans is a driving force in both my subject matter and life.

Music and Art are a universal language that can unite and heal. It is my goal to deliver this message as frequently as possible. 

Born and raised as a Pennsylvania mountain mama, this self-taught artist is currently laying roots in Nashville, TN (main location) and Roanoke, VA (where her brother, his family, and their homestead is.)

Using paint covered fingers, the strokes of a paintbrush, and a deep infatuation for this complicated, strange, and beautiful world, my goal is to bring unity and happiness through colorful compositions. Her greatest masterpiece is creating a legacy that radiates the vibrant and endless possibilities of handwork, perseverance, and positivity.

Jane, Jerry, Jerika…… anything’s possible, right?